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The number 103 the Street of Flowers, very close to Largo de Camões, the door has a sign that indicates the existence of a grocery, but it is much more than that. Other than "grocery store cheeses and butters, sausages and olive oil ", space still hides a tavern recommended "wine and nibbles".

The house is divided into two narrow rooms, equipped, according to tradition, tables with marble worktop and wooden benches, and counter at the back where the tavern azafamam André Magalhães (Restaurant Club of Journalists), Adriano Jordan and Barbara Matos.

Nas ardósias (met daily, the flavor of what the market taberneiros trouxeram) advertises itself what it will come to the table: lambujinhas the Bolhão Duck, minced horse mackerel, scallops with bacon and wasabi mayonnaise, angulas chinesas à alhinho, livers of birds, baits with them, padron peppers, eggs 1000 years, burger tavern, half undone cod, arroz doce, Chocolate Cake, orange pie ... all in small doses and friendly prices (pratinhos vary, average, between € 5.50 and 8,50, lunch and the suggestion of the day is worth 6 €). Accompanying wines are served in the Lisbon region and Brew "made in Porto", Nome Sovina.



Out of hours: Not

Parking: Difficult

Reservations: Not

Avg: 15€ to 25 € (dinner)