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Situated in Cascais, the Crumb Bakery is a place where you can go back in time that the bread was not just another mass-produced industrial and, but a product of love, done by hand and traditional, a food warm and appreciated at all hours of the day. Organic bakery where wheat is only cereal that does not enter, and therefore place for those who are allergic to gluten, the Crumb Bakery has over 20 varieties of bread made from cereals such as spelled, you have to, rye, o e a cevada kamut, all different and there is always the possibility to take bread with combinations like dried tomatoes, figs, cereals, dried fruits and many other options. Among the many options, reference to the nice walnut bread and rye bread with dates and walnuts, chosen in a poll as the best among 60 for sale in the areas of Lisbon and Porto.

Besides bread, Crumb's Bakery in other delicious options, as snacks and cakes, of which is the specialty pie temptation, made with sponge cake, born, strawberry, cream colored boy, Whitey and candy. There are also several options to choose from granola, with oat flakes, with whole almonds and hazelnuts, sesame seeds and flaxseed and more options, all of them involved with a delicious mixture of applesauce and agave jam with a little touch of cinnamon and ginger. Crispy and tasty crackers are also the Bakery Crumb, including most importantly the flavors to seeds, Garlic and Rosemary, olives, dried tomatoes and walnuts and figs. Both bread and sweet and all so tasty, the only difficulty is to know what to choose after entering the door. Only open between 16.00he the 19-00h from Monday to Friday, the Bakery Crumb is an excellent choice to lead a gourmet experience in the world of bread to enjoy at home at dinner.