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The Sea Life Porto is the 30th Aquarium multinational Merlin Entertainments (the largest operator of leisure attractions in Europe) and is housed in full lung Porto, placing themselves between Park City and the sea. Characterized by a strong entertainment component but also educational. Its maximum is educating fun.

The Sea Life Porto offers visitors a comprehensive view of the oceans, having some of the most famous species of the seven seas. The fearsome sharks are perhaps the best known, but also have their home here the friendly and endangered sea turtles, rays, groupers, cow-fish and sturgeon, famous for producing the so-called “ouro-negro”, caviar. The latest addition to the Sea Port was called life “Source of the Amazon”, which became home of Sting and Dentadinha, two caymans here won a new home.

Another important component of this aquarium is related to the conservation of species. Aquariums of Merlin Entertainments are pioneers in playing one of the nicest, famous and endangered animals of the oceans, seahorses. The Sea Life Porto has, and other tanks in this group, a sanctuary that receives turtles and other animals rescued to recover and subsequently reintroduced in nature. In case can not be returned to nature, these animals make a new home here, where they can live the rest of their lives peacefully and free from hazards.

The Sea Life Porto also organizes and participates in various outreach initiatives of marine habitats and raise awareness about environmental causes, alerting the public to the importance of ocean conservation.


Entrance: 13€ (adult), 9€ (two 4 to 12 years, students, senior)